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Mermaid of the Year winner...Ciara

It has been a crazy year.  We photographed and video'd lots of mermaids. So when it came time to determine the Mermaid of the Year, we ended up with a tie.  I asked our loyal followers to help determine the winner and thousands of you participated and helped me pick the winner-Ciara Nichols.  Here is another look at her.  We will be doing her first Photoshoot/video on January 25 so stay tuned to see more of Ciara.  Please click an Ad and help us feed the mermaids.

Crazy ride on a 50 mph Deck Boat

What a day.  Took the deck boat out for a test drive.  It just had a major overhaul.  If you haven't gone 50mph in a deck boat, you haven't lived.  Join us in this trip.

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Well I decided to do something different again and entered the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest.  We had a great time doing it and I hope you like it.  If we get to the semi-finals, we need everyone to vote on it.  Should know by November 17, 2014.  Check it out.

 Click Here to view the Commercial


See the 'Dark Side' of our newest Mermaid...Kalie

Kalie wanted to do something different for this video.  She wanted something darker.  Something that I haven't done before.  What you see here is the start of a new era for Fast Freddy.  I really liked the 'Dark Side'.

Kaylie Photo Shoot

Check out the video of the photo shoot of Kaleigh, our newest mermaid.  A great time was had by all and you can definitely tell from the video.  Enjoy